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I'm Walter, a mechanic from a small town in Ohio by day, and an independent journalist & editor by night. My journey to this point has been anything but conventional. I grew up walking the halls of the Capitol, meeting senators, congressmen, and even the President. College was supposed to be a steppingstone to a law career, but life had other plans. A change of heart led me to the automotive industry, where I've built a successful career diagnosing and fixing vehicles.

Despite this shift, my passion for history, conservative principles, and staying informed about news and cultural events never waned. It's this insatiable curiosity, coupled with a keen eye for societal trends, that has resulted in what some might call 'an excessively broad education'. But it's precisely this diverse background that fuels the varied content you'll find in this publication, The W.C. Dispatch.

I took up writing because I sensed a gap in today's media landscape. It seemed to me that the voices of everyday Americans were conspicuously absent. The mainstream media often felt like an echo chamber, filled with perspectives from people who have nothing in common with most of the country. I wanted to bring a different viewpoint to the table, one that could hold the powerful accountable while also spotlighting the issues that hit close to home for many Americans.

Whether you're here for professional advice, historical perspective, or societal commentary, The W.C. Dispatch is designed to provoke thought, spark conversation, and provide an authentic perspective on the issues of the day. It is my hope that this publication might inspire readers to join the ranks of thinkers and writers our world so desperately needs.

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Opinionated Independent Christian Comedian & Libertarian Type that has a Podcast. With complex views but stupid jokes. Some would say I’m even Pro-Stupid…Podcast…My Podcast is called Pro-Stupid Podcast check it out pweeese.
Founder & Editor of the W.C. Dispatch.
Holding Company for America Mission Inc, a for profit corporation organized in the state of Wyoming.
I’m tired of being lied to by unimpressive people who fail up. I don’t respect the self proclaimed “elites” because they don’t respect you or me. Here you’ll see my perspectives and strategies to challenge the elite before they eliminate us all.